Corvania: The Kingdom of Corvania is positioned north of the Undryk Highlands and south of Alexander’s Bay. It is full of mixed forests and farmland, with mountains in the southernmost reaches. The capital city, Caerlyn, was once the capital of the Malorian Empire and the royal family claims to be descended from the hero that initiated the Treaty of the Nine Kingdoms, Alexander. The Corvanians take class differences and sumptuary laws very seriously. Political and economic affairs are debated in Parliament. Corvanians have a reputation for being very clever, but classist. The heraldic animal of Corvania is the lion and the heraldic colors are blue and silver. The patron god is Quindarra. The capital of Corvania is Caerlyn: The Walled City. The current leader is King Daniel II.

Yollan: The Kingdom of Yollan is north-east of Corvania and west of the Merovech Empire. It is mostly highland with coniferous forests dotting the landscape. A major international trade road brings exotic goods from Merovech and beyond, such as silks, spices and art. Due to this, Yollan has become one of the richest kingdoms in the continent. This has also caused the balance of power to shift in favor of rich Yollish merchant lords who are wealthy enough to own mercenaries and pay off officials at court. Yollan is also the kingdom that has to deal with the Merovians the most often. The Yollish have a reputation for being wealthy, but tricky and greedy. The heraldic animal of Yollan is the viper and the heraldic colors are gold and green. The patron god is Therys. The capital of Yollan is Aberford. The current leader is King Fergus of Northwood.

Heath: The Republic of Heath is positioned west of Alexander’s Bay and north of Galakoth. The republic has a half-ring of mountains across the southern and western sides, with most of the remaining land covered with coniferous and mixed forests. Deep within these forests is said to be the secret kingdom of the wood elves. Heath is known for having several prestigious colleges. Royalty across the nine kingdoms seek advisers who were taught at Hethian colleges. What is not well known is that some of these colleges have a hidden curriculum of the arcane arts offered to students specifically selected by agents of the Mystic Circle. The Hethians have a reputation for being intelligent and brave, but cocky. The heraldic animal of Heath is the dragon and the heraldic colors are black and red. The patron god is Promina. The capital of Heath is Skytower. The current leader is High Chancellor Kyros of Skytower.

Sylphia: The hidden kingdom of the Sylvan lies within the forests of Heath. The surrounding area is protected spiritually so that intruders always get lost in the woods and never stumble upon the sylvan. The people have a very spiritual religion involving long rituals to fey and nature spirits and making sacrifices of food. Quick and silent, the sylvan Wardens are very good at keeping the forest safe from humans, protecting animal and tree alike. Sylvan have a reputation for being quiet, mysterious and vicious. The heraldic symbol of Sylphia is a thick oak tree. They do not seem to have heraldic colors, but the Wardens wear brown and green. The current leader is King Aodhan.

Galakoth: The Kingdom of Galakoth is positioned west of Corvania, south of Heath and north of Aciradith. The landscape consists of vast plains and rolling hills spotted with the occasional coniferous forest with more mixed forests in the south. Galakoths are known for their bravery and loyalty as well as their skill at breeding and training horses. Galakoth horses are sought by nobles across the continent. Galakoths have a reputation for being fearless and strong, but reckless and loyal to a fault. The heraldic animal of Galakoth is the horse and the heraldic colors are brown and yellow. The patron god is Andrik. The capital of Galakoth is Colline. The current leader is King Galien the Large.

Sel’eyllis: The Towering Isle, or Sel’eyllis as the Tuatha call it, is situated in the middle of Alexander Bay, between Heath and Yollan and north of Corvania. It is a high piece of land with tall, treacherous cliffs on all sides. The land above is covered in coniferous forests. The tuatha have a magic-oriented society ruled by a council of mages. Every tuatha is considered equal at birth. Each tuatha house is responsible for an important aspect of Sel’eyllis society. The Houses of Craft are responsible for laborers, entertainers and inventors. The Houses of Warfare are responsible for tacticians, warriors and trainers. The Houses of Magic are responsible for mages, educators and courtiers. Tuatha have a deep interest in human society and have many spies throughout the human kingdoms. Tuatha do not have a strong religion, acknowledging that there are gods, but they are no more worthy of worship than any other being. The tuatha have a reputation for being mysterious, manipulative and eerily intelligent. The heraldic symbol is a four-pointed star and the heraldic colors are violet and black. The current leader is Archmage Sylareth of Hlaeatear: The House of Foresight.

Aciradith: The Holy Empire of Aciradith is located west of the Undryk Highlands and south of Galakoth and the ocean lies to the west. Aciradith is mainly plains and deciduous forest, with some rolling hills and mountainous regions to the east. In the south, Aciradith is quite tropical and sports some marshland. Aciradith is most well known for being a theocratic nation and housing the Temple of All Gods that priests and priestesses throughout the nine kingdoms turn to for leadership. Aciradith also has the militant religious order, the Holy Order of Aciradith. Aciradith is a rich nation and is the main trading hub in the west of the continent. Aciradite markets offer exotic fruits and spices as well as strange animals, such as parrots and jaguars acquired from a land across the western sea. The Aciradites have a reputation for being religious and strong, but fanatic and relentless. The heraldic animal of Aciradith is the phoenix and the heraldic colors are red and silver. The patron god is Coronus. The capital of Aciradith is Marinport. The current leader is Grand Priest Quintus Severus.

Undryk: The Undryk Highland was once the center of the Malorian Empire. Since the Treaty of the Nine Kingdoms, it has been officially designated as neutral territory to be used for trade routes. It is full of highlands, mixed and deciduous forests, mountains and valleys. Being neutral territory, it has become the home of many bandit groups escaping persecution in their homelands. The most notable bandit group is the Red Hands in the northern mountains near Corvania who control the most territory. It is also rumored that communities of witches and diabolists reside among the mountains. Hidden within networks of caves and tunnels, the dwarves still have a secret kingdom. Each section of the mountains belongs to one of the seven dwarven cities. The king of each city has a seat on the dwarven council which makes decisions for the good of all dwarves. The dwarves are very religious, following the Malorian goddess Terra, who they call Droklyn. Their prayers and rituals affect every aspect of their life: when they eat, when they sleep, when and where they mine or build things. The dwarves have a reputation for being uneducated, but hardworking as well as ruthless in battle. The heraldic symbol of the Red Hands is a blood-red hand. The heraldic symbol of the dwarves is a Basilisk and their heraldic colors are bronze and orange. The patron goddess of the dwarves is Droklyn (Terra). The current head of the dwarven council is King Gram Trollslayer. The supposed leader of the Red Hands is named Gram.

Calihan: The Kingdom of Calihan is located east of the Undryk Highlands and south of Yollan. Beyond the east coast and the Merovian Sea is the Merovech Empire. Calihan is full of mixed forests with tall, thick trees. Calihan produces the best lumber in the nine kingdoms and master craftsmen from all over seek Calihan lumber for their works. The Calihanics value hard work over wealth and status. A hardworking, dedicated and strong lumberjack or farmer is better than a lazy, selfish and greedy duke. Calihanics have a reputation for being very large, strong and hard-working, but not overly sophisticated. The heraldic animal is the bear and the heraldic colors are dark green and bronze. The patron god is Sylinnador. The capital of Calihan is Richwood. The current leader is King Anderlin Bearfist.

Theralin: The Kingdom of Theralin is on the eastern coast of the continent, south of Calihan. Its landscape is composed of mountains, plains, hills and deciduous forests. The mountains in Theralin are rich in iron, silver and gold ores. Nobles fight over good mining land and merchants scramble to buy from the winning nobles. Mercenaries also manage to make a good living in Theralin as many of the wealthy nobles are willing to gain mining land at any cost. The Keldons are based in Theralin, where they got their start. Theralin has a reputation for being lawless, but the land is patrolled by king’s men who at least attempt to uphold the law and keep the peace between feuding noble families. The Theralish have a reputation for being greedy and cutthroat when it comes to business, but strong-willed and determined. The heraldic animal is the wolf and the heraldic colors are silver and yellow. The patron goddess is Chandra. The capital of Theralin is Deepforge. The current leader is King Bruno IV.

Rhiendra: The Kingdom of Rhiendra is on the southeast coast of the continent, adjacent to Theralin on the north and Rodisia on the west with the Undryk highlands to the northwest. Over many centuries, Rhiendra has managed to build a powerful and wealthy sailing empire based on sea trade and fishing. As Rhiendra also does trade with the orcs across the Merovian Sea, they rival Yollan as a trading hub in the east. Rhiendra also boasts the best shipwrights and navigators in the nine kingdoms. Rhiendra has also developed a unique broadsword dueling style based on counterattacks and flourishes. Rhiendrans have a reputation as being cocky showoffs, but being dedicated and hard-working. The heraldic animal is the shark and the heraldic colors are blue and black. The patron goddess is Ariana. The capital of Rhiendra is Augustport. The current leader is King Orlando Rivera.

Rodisia: The Kingdom of Rodisia is south of the Undryk Highlands, east of Aciradith and west of Rhiendra. To the south is the vast southern ocean. The landscape is mostly deciduous forest and plains, with many lakes and farms. The southern coast is quite warm and tropical. Rodisia has many orchards and vineyards and its main exports are apples and fine wine. Rodisian wine is considered a must-have in the collection of any true connoisseur. Often considered backwoods, Rodisia is a quiet, peaceful kingdom. They attempt to abstain from wars and give rights to the commoners who do the menial jobs in the land. Rodisians have a reputation for being friendly and hard-working, but unsophistocated and relatively poor. The heraldic animal is the mountain lion and the heraldic colors are yellow and black. The patron goddess is Altara. The capital of Rodisia is Grandroca. The current leader is King Raimundo the Just.

Merovech: The Merovech Empire is a savage empire to the east, beyond the Merovian Sea. It is a vast land full of monsters and barbarians. The Merovech Empire is ruled by the orcs – a warlike race who sees strength and skill at arms and tactics as important above all else. Humans (as well as other races) are second-class citizens at best, slaves at worst. The Empire has been trying to conquer the human lands since before the fall of the Malorian Empire. The main thing keeping them back is the lack of unity and political organization within the Empire and the technological handicap of the orcs. Nonetheless, the Merovian military is a force to be reckoned with. Merovians (human, orc and otherwise) have a reputation for being uneducated, ruthless and powerful. The heraldic symbol is two battleaxes crossed over a shield and the heraldic colors are red, black and silver. The current leader is Emperor Bjorn Bloodaxe, aka Old One-Eye.


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