Main Factions

Corvania and the Towering Isle
King Daniel II and Archmage Sylareth have agreed on an alliance to both supply resources to find the treasure provided any dangerous relics are then sealed away never to be used by men or elf.

Other Kingdoms
The monarchs of Yollan, Heath, Galakoth and Calihan have all gotten word of the search for the treasure and are assembling their own groups of heroes to recover the legendary treasure of Sir Alexander for their own treasuries. If any of the leaders have ulterior motives, they are thus far unknown.

Holy Order of Aciradith
The Holy Empire of Aciradith’s standing army has a lot to gain from a lost treasure, especially one left behind by a Champion of Ajaxx. They claim to seek the treasure for the religious artifacts Sir Alexander was said to have collected, and to put the gold into the church. With Sir Gabriel having been excommunicated, the Order must decide upon other warriors who currently lack important business.

The Mystic Circle
This group is as likely to have found the information through their own seers and diviners as through spies. The Mystic Circle is a secret council of wise and proficient mages. They oversee all magical goings-on throughout the Nine Kingdoms and have their own group of mage-warriors to deal with “unlawful or entropic mages.” As always, the Circle is elusive about their motives, but many of the relics Sir Alexander supposedly found were magical and thus great for the Circle’s thaumaturgical research. The huge piles of gold supposedly hid by Alexander are great for any group wanting to hold their influence.

The ShadowWraith
They say the walls have ears. The ShadowWraith are those ears. Some say they’re merely a fable. Some who say that are ShadowWraith. An eye in every shadow, a knife in every crowd, the ShadowWraith are a group of assassins and spies who have a hand in nearly every political matter that goes on in the Nine Kingdoms. They influence events with intimidation, subterfuge and… more direct means. Their goal is to preserve the balance of power and justice in Maloria. They never make a purposeless kill, they never engage in a blood feud and they always pay a wergild to the families of their victims. The other power groups are searching for vast riches and powerful relics? The ShadowWraith will try to get it first to prevent any one party from having a huge jump in power. There are also rumors that the ShadowWraith have close connections with the Cult of Dolos: the Shadow God.

The Keldons
One of the most well-known mercenary groups in Maloria, the Keldons operate out of Theraldin. They claim their founder was a powerful minotaur from the early ages of the Nine Kingdoms. This is dismissed as boisterous talk by most. No one is quite sure how they found out about the lost treasure, but soon as they did, they began offering their services to the other monarchs involved in the hunt.

Count Gier of Codicia
A wealthy lord and merchant in Yollan who managed to buy for himself the information about the treasure; Count Gier of Codicia is known for funding many other treasure-hunting expeditions in the past. He is currently screening in secret for a group of mercenaries or heroes willing to embark on the hunt for him in exchange for a generous portion of the treasure. His main goal seems to be the prospect of lining his pockets with more gold and his manor with more ancient decorations.

There may very well be other, smaller groups who happened upon the information through secret means or pure chance.

Main Factions

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