The gears of destiny are in motion. A seer of the Fair Folk has foreseen disaster. The dragon lords are reawakening. It may be months, years, or decades, but they will awaken within this lifetime of men. The dragon lords supposedly reside far away to the east in a land of mountains and thus far from the men of Maloria. To the high elf council and the royal advisors of King Daniel II of Corvania, this was still an important prophecy for in the fabled lost treasure of Sir Alexander there was said to be a powerful relic that could allow the user to enforce his will upon dragons. If someone managed to find this relic and use it to enslave the dragon lords, they could use it to conquer the Nine Kingdoms and the Towering Isle. And so it was decided that the lost treasure must be recovered before someone more sinister finds out about it.

The Treasure of Heroes

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